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Gene expression enrichment in human brain regions
Microarray QA and statistical data analysis for Applied Biosystems Genome Survey Microrarray (AB1700) gene expression data.
ABSSeq: a new RNA-Seq analysis method based on modelling absolute expression differences
Classes and functions for Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization data.
Algorithms for Calculating Microarray Enrichment (ACME)
Analysis of big data from aCGH experiments using parallel computing and ff objects
Annotation-Driven Clustering
Methods for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Arrays
Graphics Toolbox for Assessment of Affymetrix Expression Measures
Affymetrix GeneChip software compatibility
structured corruption of affymetrix cel file data
Functions useful for those doing repetitive analyses with Affymetrix GeneChips
Affymetrix Quality Assessment and Analysis Tool
Tools for parsing Affymetrix data files
GUI for limma package with Affymetrix microarrays
Parallelized preprocessing methods for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Arrays
Probe Dependent Nearest Neighbours (PDNN) for the affy package
Methods for fitting probe-level models
QC Report Generation for affyBatch objects
Analyze and correct probe positional bias in microarray data due to RNA degradation
Easy extraction of individual probes in Affymetrix tiling arrays
Agilent expression array processing package
Processing and Differential Expression Analysis of Agilent microRNA chips
Analysis Of Differential Abundance Taking Sample Variation Into Account
ALS for the Automatic Chemical Exploration of mixtures
alternative CDF environments (aka probeset mappings)
Active modules for multilayer weighted gene co-expression networks: a continuous optimization approach
Analysis of amplicon enrichment panels
An integrated analysis package of miRNA and mRNA expression data
Statistical analysis of sequins
Analysis of Copy Number Variation in Single-Cell-Sequencing Data
Annotation tools for Affymetrix biological metadata
Annotation for microarrays
Annotation Database Interface
Facilities for Filtering Bioconductor Annotation Resources
Code for Building Annotation Database Packages
Annotation translation functions
Client to access AnnotationHub resources
Transform public data resources into Bioconductor Data Structures
Annotate microarrays and perform cross-species gene expression analyses using flat file databases.
Annotation of Genomic Regions to Genomic Annotations
Implementation of gene expression anti-profiles
Estimate protein complex membership using AP-MS protein data
Light-Weight Methods for Normalization and Visualization of Microarray Data using Only Basic R Data Types
Access the ArrayExpress Microarray Database at EBI and build Bioconductor data structures: ExpressionSet, AffyBatch, NChannelSet
ArrayExpress High Throughput Sequencing Processing Pipeline
multivariate outlier detection for expression array QA
Quality metrics report for microarray data sets
geneChip Analysis Package
Implementation of wave correction for arrays

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