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Structural Intervention Distance
64 bit integer types
TaxonomyTree provides functions to manage taxonomy as a tree data structure
Basic API for getting Twitter data for a given user
Side Channel Attack
Subgroup Identification Based on Differential Effect Search
Estimate maximum approximate composite marginal likelihood
Substitution and Indel Distances to Infer Evolutionary Relationships
A gene-signature ranking method based on sample density in PCA space
An R package for analysis of massive parallel sequencing based RNA structure probing data
What the package does (short line)
An Enhanced Chart for Simple and Truthful Representation of Single Observations over Multiple Classes
Model for continental seasonal migration of insects
A Code Converter from the Matlab/Octave Language to R
Scrapes and analyzes HLStatsX video game servers
Scraping TF2 Stats to get Aggregate Insights
An Interface to IBGE's SIDRA API
Forecast Verification Routines for Ensemble Forecasts of Weather and Climate
Sieve test reporting functions.
Print Function Signatures
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Statistics for Integrative Genomics Analyses in R
Check a gene signature's prognostic performance against random signatures, known signatures, and permuted data/metadata
Statistical Significance of Clustering
Multiple testing using SAM and Efron's empirical Bayes approaches
Wildlife Sightability Modeling
Statistics and dIagnostic Graphs for HTS
Data Sets and Utility Functions for the 'SIGIL' Course
Signal Location Estimation
Sigmoid Functions for Machine Learning
Signal Processing
Predict Presence of Signal Peptides
Empirical Bayesian approach to mutational signature discovery
A Toolbox for the Analysis of Cytometry Data
Significant Variable Selection in Linear Regression
Perform Exact Sign Test and Asymptotic Sign Test in Large Samples
R API Wrapper for SigOpt
R API Wrapper for SigOpt
Signature Overrepresentation Analysis
Pathway Analysis
Format Significance Summaries for Reports
Gene signature generation for functionally validated signaling pathways
Identify and Visualize Significantly Responsive Branches in a Phylogenetic Tree
Utilities for analysis of acoustic survey results.
Generation of precision oncology reports for cancer genomes
Calculate ANSI S3.5-1997 Speech Intelligibility Index
Calculate ANSI S3.5-1997 Speech Intelligibility Index
Facilitates Analysis of CDC NHANES Data
Download data from the U.S. State Cancer Profiles database

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