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Utilities for analysis of acoustic survey results.
Generation of precision oncology reports for cancer genomes
Calculate ANSI S3.5-1997 Speech Intelligibility Index
Calculate ANSI S3.5-1997 Speech Intelligibility Index
Facilitates Analysis of CDC NHANES Data
Download data from the U.S. State Cancer Profiles database
What the package does (short line)
The 'jamovi' Analyses
Multiple Automatic Forecast Selection
R Functions to Download and Clean Brazilian Electoral Data
Theme for ggplot2
Integrated Analysis on two human genomic datasets
GC-SIM-MS data processing and alaysis tool
A Collection of functions for similarity analysis of vegetation data
Similar Binding Profiles
Simultaneous Inference for Diversity Indices
Simulating Longitudinal Data with Causal Inference Applications
Simultaneous Comparisons for Multiple Endpoints
Simulates Correlated Multinomial Responses
Safe Implementation of Monte Carlo Tests
Simulating data in R
Shiny GUIs for the simdat.base data simulation package
Structure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs
Simulation of Diffusion Processes
Additivity Tests in the Two Way Anova with Single Sub-class Numbers
eQTl/pQTL Mediation analysis
Metropolis-Hastings type simulation and inference for Bayesian Networks
Tools for analyzing high-dimensional QTL experiments
Simulation of Ecological (and Other) Dynamic Systems
Simulation of Ecological (and Other) Dynamic Systems
Model collection for the simecol package
Collection of Helper Utilities
Constrained Single Index Model Estimation
SIMEX- and MCSIMEX-Algorithm for measurement error models
Simulation of clustered multi-state data
Simulation framework
Simulated Survival and Hazard Analysis for Time-Dependent Exposure
Trajectory Similarity Measures
Metrics to estimate a level of similarity between two ChIP-Seq profiles
Interact with Simile Models
A Framework for Data-Driven Stochastic Disease Spread Simulations
Google Page Speed API
Numerical computation Comulative Distribution Function and Probability Density Function from Characteristic Function
Simulation of Fatigue Lifetimes
Title: SIMLR: Single-cell Interpretation via Multi-kernel LeaRning
Discrete-Event Simulation for R
Plotting Methods for 'simmer'

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