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Threading Pieces Of Analysis Together
An R package for activities at Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory (WACL)
The Skillings-Mack Test Statistic for Block Designs with Missing Observations
A famous artwork Palette Generator
Bayesian Bootstrap Generalised Dissimilarity Models.
Dynamic Habitat Meta-Population Models in R
Dynamic Habitat Meta-Population Models in R
quasi-random background point generation for Poisson point process modelling
Personal package of functions I use regularly.
Big Data Visualization for R and Spark
Selective k-Means
Spherical k-Means Clustering
Biological Data Merges
Biological Data Merges
Analysis of Interactions
Computes absolute risk for cohort data
Resources for Analysis of Professional Tennis Data
Tools to create and arrange input forms for shiny apps using simple yaml field specification.
Academic RMarkdown
Helper functions for parsing and classifying R code. Useful for domain specific languages.
Different quiz types about data (shinyEvents based)
Tools for working with databases in R
extra functionality for dplyr like mutate_rows for mutation of a subset of rows
Solving stochastic dynamic games with transfers for public perfect equilibria
Drawing curves used in economic models
Collects meta data from economic articles with data appendices for reproducible research
Tools to describe and simulate simple (101) economic models
Tell interactive stories based on economic models
Tools for analyzing influence graph among variables.
A simple login framework as part of shiny apps (probably not very secure)
An R based GUI to use Maxima as computer algebra system for Lyx
A simple login framework for shiny (probably not very secure)
modify is a function to augment dplyr for quick replacement by reference as in data.table
Trying different methods for optimization
Student peer review in form of a quiz game
Tools to work with AMPL from R
Simple Docker Container Managment Tool as RStudio Addin or Shiny App
Some tools for regressions and presentation of regressions results
Solve discounted repeated games with monetary transfers
Debugging with Restore Points
Helps solving in R linear programming models specified in GMPL
An interface between R and Maxima
Tools for RMarkdown
Quickly compute min or max of each row or column of a matrix.
Solve Stochastic Games in R
R problem sets with automatic test of solution and hints
Temporary package: complete rewrite of RTutor internals
Temporary package: Complete rewrite of RTutor internals combined with armd
RTutor problem set understanding bank runs

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