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Quickly compute min or max of each row or column of a matrix.
Solve Stochastic Games in R
R problem sets with automatic test of solution and hints
Temporary package: complete rewrite of RTutor internals
Temporary package: Complete rewrite of RTutor internals combined with armd
RTutor problem set understanding bank runs
Clicker support for RTutor presentations
RTutor problem set example for a package.
Interactivly study the article ...
Teacher Panel for RTutor
Shiny App for Seminar Assignment
Extended version of shinyAce
Shiny wrapper with event handlers instead of reactivity
Shiny-based clicker app for lectures
A simple login framework as part of shinyEvents apps (probably not very secure)
Some shiny widgets that only work with shinyEvents
Quiz widget for shiny events apps
Simulations of simple discrete time dynamic models
Helpful functions used in my courses
Helper functions for repgames and dyngames
Tournament of game theoretic strategies
Tools for working with strings in R
Create svg diagrams based on mermaid.js and Viz.js
Solving or simplifying symbolic systems of equations in R
Tree structures as data frame
Web-assissted teaching via shiny server.
Input forms for shinyEvent apps using simple yaml specification and possibly rmd
Checking R code against a whitelist or a blacklist
Checking arbitrary code against a whitelist or a blacklist
Basic whitelists and blacklists to be used with whitelistcalls
Experimental Economics Database
Parse a YAML based object / type structure
Basic Functions for Power Analysis
Pre and postprocessing functions for HTS data analysis using deepTools
Canopy Openness Analyzer Package
Transcriptome-guided quality assessment of methylated RNA immunoprecipitation sequencing data
Wrapper for the SkyWatch API
Two-Group Straight Line ANCOVA
Miscelaneous helper functions of my own
Send Messages, Images, R Objects and Files to 'Slack' Channels/Users
serializeR, automatically cache results of statement if required and read from cache if possible
Sparse Lightweight Arrays and Matrices
Fisheries Overviews for ICES Advice
Slope and level change
Estimation and Use of the Quantile-Based Skew Logistic Distribution
Software for Analyzing Limiting Dilution Assays
Functions for Gambling
4253H, Twice Smoothing
Commodity Market Risk Management in R

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