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RcppEigen back end for sparse least trimmed squares regression
Sparse Linear Algebra
Multivariate Normal Functions for Sparse Covariance and Precision Matrices.
Fit sparse linear regression models via nonconvex optimization
'Rcpp' Interface to 'sparsepp'
Sparse Bayesian Models for Regression, Subgroup Analysis, and Panel Data
Sparse-aware Maximum Likelihood for Structural Equation Models
SparseStep Regression
Sparse Truncated Singular Value Decomposition (from 'SVDLIBC')
Solution Paths of Sparse Linear Support Vector Machine with Lasso or ELastic-Net Regularization
Sparse Time Series Chain Graphical Models
A Package for Sparse VAR/VECM Estimation
Simulation Parameter Analysis R Toolkit ApplicatioN: Spartan
Study Planning and Adaptation of Sample Size
Spatial count regression
Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Large Data Using a Spectral SPDE Approach
Score Test Based on Saddlepoint Approximation
Graph Edge Computations for Spatial Point Patterns
Functions for Kriging and Point Pattern Analysis
Spatial Clustering using Fuzzy Geographically Weighted Clustering
Spatial Clustering using Fuzzy Geographically Weighted Clustering
Computation of Spatial Covariance Matrices for Data on Rectangles
Spatial Analysis and Modelling
Methods and Data for Spatial Epidemiology
A Shiny Web Application for the Analysis of Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Disease Data
Modelling Spatial Extremes
Modelling Spatial Extremes
Application of 2D Convolution Kernel Filters to Matrices or 3D Arrays
Hierarchical spatial generalized extreme value (GEV) modeling with Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA)
Nonparametric estimation of spatial segregation in a multivariate point process
Nonparameteric estimation of spatial segregation in a multivariate point process
Performs spatial NBDA in a Bayesian context
Multivariate nonparametric methods based on spatial signs and ranks
Package for analysis of spatial data
Spatial Position Models
Spatial Probit Models
Infectious diseases dataset in tycho project
Segregation Measures for Multitype Spatial Point Patterns
Estimation of spatial tail dependence models
R Functions for Working with Spatial Data
R functions for working with spatial data.
Tools for Spatial Data Analysis
Spatial Forecast Verification
Model-Based Clustering of Spatio-Temporal Data
Model-Based Clustering of Spatio-Temporal Data
Spatio-Temporal Model Estimation
Regularized Spatial Maximum Covariance Analysis
Regularized Principal Component Analysis for Spatial Data
Spatial Analysis of Field Trials with Splines
Spatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-Fitting, Simulation, Tests

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