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Extension to 'spatstat' for Local Composite Likelihood
Google's S2 Library for Geometry on the Sphere
EXPERIMENTAL Subset of 'spatstat' Core Functions
Point patterns on the Sphere
Utility Functions for 'spatstat'
Utility Functions for 'spatstat'
Bayesian Spatial Survival Analysis with Parametric Proportional Hazards Models
Convert Spatial Data Using Tidy Tables
Univariate and Multivariate Spatial-Temporal Modeling
Bayesian Modeling and Analysis of Spatially Correlated Survival Data
Statistical Process Control -- Collection of Some Useful Functions
Functions for Calibrating Control Charts
A New Reduced-Rank Linear Discriminant Analysis Method
Copula Driven Analysis - Multivariate, Spatial, Spatio-Temporal
Spatial Coverage Sampling and Random Sampling from Compact Geographical Strata
Sparse Estimation of a Covariance Matrix
Sparse Principal Component Regression
Semi Parametric Distribution
Semi Parametric Distribution
Spatial Dependence: Weighting Schemes, Statistics and Models
Spatial Dependence: Weighting Schemes, Statistics and Models
Spatial Downscaling Using Bias Correction Approach
Data Manipulation Verbs for the Spatial Classes
Functions to perform ECHO algorithm and test coherence
Split-Population Duration (Cure) Regression
Exploratory space-time data analysis
Spatio-Dynamic Wetland Plant Communities Model
Stochastic Proximity Embedding
Tools for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Alignment and Quantitative Analysis
Wavelet Based Tools for Feature-Wise Analysis and Quantification of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectra
A Data Specification Format and Interface
Alternative spectral clustering, with automatic estimation of k.
Special Functions
Spectroscopy Related Utilities
Statistical package for species richness estimation
Prepare Species Distributions for the Use in Phylogenetic Analyses
Fit Mixtures of Archetype Species
Word Specificity
Specificity of personality trait-outcome (or trait-trait) associations
specL - Prepare Peptide Spectrum Matches for Use in Targeted Proteomics
Mass Spectral Library Dolphin Blubber 2011
Example OrgMassSpecR Mass Spectral Library
Metabolomics and Spectral Data Analysis and Mining
Condition specific detection from expression data
Forecast Verification Routines for Ensemble Forecasts of Weather and Climate
Common Methods of Spectral Data Analysis
Approximate Gaussian Processes Using the Fourier Basis
Diffusion Map and Spectral Map
Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) Tools for Time Series Analysis
Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) Tools for Time Series Analysis

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