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Spatial Oblique Decision Tree
Transform a Movie into a Synthetic Picture
Semiparametric proportional odds rate model
Infrastructure for Sports Analytics
Infrastructure for Sports Analytics
Sequential Parameter Optimization Toolbox
Todd's Tools
Microarray Spot Segmentation and Gridding for Blocks of Microarray Spots
Combining Different Spatial Datasets in Cancer Risk Estimation
Modeling Spatial Poisson and Related Point Processes
Sparse Arrays and Multivariate Polynomials
Spreads R interop
Statistical Package for Reliability Data Analysis
Selecting a Predictive Function for a Given Gene Expression Data
Calculate Species Richness and Extrapolation Metrics
Fit the SPRING model
Simple Parallel R INTerface
Framework for Screening Prognostic Interactions
Sparse and Non-Sparse Partial Robust M Regression and Classification
Profiling, timing and optimisation utilities
Simple Metrics to Summarize Growth Curves
Sparse modeling toolkit
Wald's Sequential Probability Ratio Test
Optimization of Sample Configurations using Spatial Simulated Annealing
Spatial Simultaneous Equations and Spatial Sur Model
Selecting Spatial Scale of Covariates in Regression Models
Shape-Preserving Uni-Variate and Bi-Variate Spline Interpolation
Site Percolation on Square Lattice (SPSL)
spsmooth: An Extension Package for 'mgcv'.
Spatial Survey Design and Analysis
Sierpinski Pedal Triangle
Spatially Varying and Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Linear Models
Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests of Isotropy and Symmetry
Functions for Spatial Thinning of Species Occurrence Records for Use in Ecological Models
Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Modelling Using R
SemiParametric Transformation Model Methods
Uncertainty Propagation Analysis
Functions and Datasets for "Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R".
Sparse Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
Perform SQL Selects on R Data Frames
Connection wrapper to SQLite databases
Rendering Parameterized SQL and Translation to Dialects
Utilities for Generating SQL Queries from Model Objects
analysis of very large complex survey samples (experimental)
Utilities for working with SQL files.
subset quantile normalization
subset quantile normalization
Add-on of the SQUAD Software

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