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Process Control and Internal Validation of Forensic STR Kits
Structural Time Series Models
Class and Methods for Structural Time Series Models
Tools to Assess Mating Potential in Space and Time
Stubbing Framework for R
Tools for Mass Spectrometry data meta-analysis
Statistical analysis of sequins
Distributions for Historical Information
The Stu R Package
Student's t Vector Autoregression (StVAR)
Functions for a Variety of Stylometric Analyses
iPlots eXtreme
Audio Interface for R
Background processing and asynchronous callbacks
Tools for base64 Encoding
Bivariate Empirical Subcopula
Maximum-Likelihood Cultural Consensus Analysis with Sub-Cultures
Detect Subgroup with an Enhanced Treatment Effect
Obsoleted package - use rsubgroup!
Methods for exploring treatment effect heterogeneity in subgroup analysis of clinical trials
Obsoleted package - use rsubgroup!
Patient Subgroup Identification for Clinical Drug Development
Gene selection using Lasso for Microarray data with user-defined genes fixed in model.
Automatic Lesion Incidence Estimation and Detection using Multi-Modality Longitudinal Magnetic Resonance Images
Within Outlying Mean Indexes: Refining the OMI Analysis
Identify Metabolic Subpathways Mediated by MicroRNAs
Identify Signal Subpathways Competitively Regulated by LncRNAs Based on ceRNA Theory
Subplex Optimization Algorithm
Unconstrained Optimization using the Subplex Algorithm
Manage Sub-Processes in R
Computes Copula using Ranks and Subsampling
Computing Subscores in Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory
Selecting Variable Subsets
An Ensemble Method for Combining Subset-Specific Algorithm Fits
Subsampling of high-throughput sequencing count data
Interface to OpenSubspace
Interface to 'subspaceMOA'
Cluster analysis to find molecular subtypes and their assessment
Visual Exploration of Protein Alignments Resulting from Multiple Substitution Matrices
R graphics device using cairo graphics library for creating high-quality bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and display (X11 and Win32) output
Sudoku Puzzle Generator and Solver
Tools for Making and Spoiling Sudoku Games
Subsampling method
Earth Mover's Distance
Fast 'match()' Function
Fast Interactive Framework for Web Scripting Using R
Fast routines for hanlding large ESRI shapefiles (.shp)
Fast Utility Function for Time Parsing and Conversion
Direct HBase interface

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