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Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models
Using R to Run 'JAGS'
Generated Effect Modifier
Surrogate Variable Analysis
Measures of the Sturdiness of Regression Coefficients
Comparaison of dependent kappa coefficients
Companion Package to "Learning Statistics with R"
Creates a Table of Descriptives Suited for MS-Word
Surrogate variable analysis using partial least squares in a gene expression study.
SVAPLSseq-An R package to adjust for the hidden factors of variability in differential gene expression studies based on RNAseq data
Demonstations of Disease Freedom (DDF)
A package to perform Bayesian source attribution of Campylobacter in R
Package to produce data summaries for the web
Tools for support in outbreak management and suspicion investigation
SVAMP data cleaning
A Package for creating random matrices
A Package for Sparse VAR/VECM Estimation
A Package for Sparse VAR/VECM Estimation
2d and 3d Space-Varying Coefficient Models
Interfaces to Various State-of-Art SVD and Eigensolvers
Gaussian Processes for time series inference
Cross-correlation of time series (which may be unevenly sampled)
Search for periodic signals in noisy time series using Fourier methods.
Generate and test MCMC output using RW-MH or Goodman-Weare methods
SciViews GUI API - Dialog boxes
SciViews GUI API - Dialog boxes using Tcl/Tk
Singular Value Decomposition Visualization
SVD visualization tools
Sven's notes on 'Advanced R' by Hadley Wickham
Sven's notes on 'Advanced R' by Hadley Wickham
Sven's R Jiggering
Create a Table with Gene Annotation and Output in Convenient Format
What the package does (short line)
What the Package Does (Title Case)
An 'SVG' Graphics Device
R 'Htmlwidget' to Add Pan and Zoom to Almost any R Graphic
SciViews GUI API - Functions to manage GUIs
3D Animated Interactive Visualizations Using SVG
SciViews GUI API - R HTTP server
SciViews GUI API - IDE and code editor functions
Summaries of Variability of Irregularly Spaced Longitudinal Data
SciViews GUI API - Functions to interface with Komodo Edit/IDE
Spectral Unmixing with Pure Variables
SVM2CRM: support vector machine for cis-regulatory elements detections
Linear/Nonlinear SVM Classification Solver Based on ADMM and IADMM Algorithms
SciViews GUI API - Miscellaneous functions
SVMMaj algorithm
Causal Effect Estimation and Diagnostics with Support Vector Machines
The SVM Path Algorithm

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