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Conditional quantile normalization
CRImage a package to classify cells and calculate tumour cellularity
Design of target-specific guide RNAs in CRISPR-Cas9, genome-editing systems
Tools for counting and visualising mutations in a target location
Genotype Calling (CRLMM) and Copy Number Analysis tool for Affymetrix SNP 5.0 and 6.0 and Illumina arrays
Cross Platform Meta-Analysis of Microarray Data
Statistical tools for the analysis of ChIP-seq data
ChIP-Seq Analysis with Windows
ChIP-Seq Statistical Power
Cluster and Tree Conversion.
Analysis, exploration, manipulation, and visualization of Cufflinks high-throughput sequencing data.
Generate customized protein database from NGS data, with a focus on RNA-Seq data, for proteomics search.
Cancer Variant Explorer
Using Mass Cytometry for Differential Abundance Analyses
cytofkit: an integrated mass cytometry data analysis pipeline
GatingML interface for openCyto
Accurate, high-resolution sample inference from amplicon sequencing data
Efficient design and analysis of factorial two-colour microarray data
Data Mining for RNA-seq data: normalization, feature selection and classification
Tools for the Differential Analysis of Proteins Abundance with R
Denoising Algorithm based on Relevance network Topology
Distributed Annotation System in R
Retrieval from the DAVID bioinformatics data resource into R
Differential Binding of Transcription Factor with ChIP-seq
Distance-correlation based Gene Set Analysis for longitudinal gene expression profiles
DChIPRep - Analysis of chromatin modification ChIP-Seq data with replication
The ddCt Algorithm for the Analysis of Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qRT-PCR)
Distinguish direct and indirect interactions with Graphical Modelling
debrowser: Interactive Differential Expresion Analysis Browser
Tools for curating, analyzing, and manipulating biological sequences
Deconvolution of Heterogeneous Tissue Samples for mRNA-Seq data
Differential Expression via Distance Summary for Microarray Data
Detection of subclonal SNVs in deep sequencing data.
Differential gene expression data formats converter
Two-sample tests on a graph
Report of DEG analysis
Identify Differentially Expressed Genes from RNA-seq data
Annotation-agnostic differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data at base-pair resolution via the DER Finder approach
derfinder helper package
Differential gene expression analysis based on the negative binomial distribution
Differential gene expression analysis based on the negative binomial distribution
Creates diffusion maps
DEsubs: an R package for flexible identification of differentially expressed subpathways using RNA-seq expression experiments
Inference of differential exon usage in RNA-Seq
DEXUS - Identifying Differential Expression in RNA-Seq Studies with Unknown Conditions or without Replicates

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