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Turbulence Time Series Event Detection and Classification
An Implementation of the Typicality and Eccentricity Data Analysis Framework
Fitting Frailty Models with the EM Algorithm
Fitting Frailty Models with the EM Algorithm
Retrieve Data From Graphite
Trimmed Elemental Estimation for Linear Models
Quality Control for Single-Cell RNA-seq Data
Model-Based Clustering and Classification with the Multivariate t Distribution
Statistical tests for Interaction Information
Fetch and analyse Indian stock market data.
R Wrapper Around the Telegram Bot API
Social Representation Theory Application: The Free Evocation of Words Technique
Climate Data from Wang and Dillon
Methods for Temporal Disaggregation and Interpolation of Time Series
A System for Working with Templates
Temporal Sensory Data Analysis
Shiny app to modeling s&P 500 implied volatility surface.
Produces SQL inserts from given dataset
Preprocessing of GC-MS metabolomics data with a GUI and interactive plots.
GC/MS Raw data simulation
Command pattern in R
R objects for common work flow language representation
A set of QT based widgets
R utilities for rabix.
VisNAB: An Interactive Toolkit for Visualizing and Exploring Genomic Data.
Differential Binding Estimation for Protein Complexes
GC Aware Peak Caller
Benchmarks for RNA-seq Quantification Pipelines
Tensor product of arrays
Advanced tensors arithmetic with named indices
Bayesian Tensor Factorization
Blind Source Separation Methods for Tensor-Valued Observations
R Interface to TensorFlow
Sparse Tensors in R
Covariance Inference and Decompositions for Tensor Datasets
Quality control for target capture experiments
Target Equivalence Range Design
Big Data in-Database Analytics that Scales with Teradata Aster Distributed Platform
R Interface for the Grokit System
An R Interface for using objects created by grokit and rjson
Sampling library for Grokit
Higher Level Statistical Functions for Grokit
What the package does (short line)
Provides Access to Fitbit API
Data manipulation and plot library which @teramonagi often uses.
Provides an Access to Health Planet API via R
Get the data related to financial fileds in Japan using variety types of data sources.
Provides Access to Databases Through the ODBC Interface

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