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Application of gene classifiers
Interact with GENE-E from R
Gene Expression Signature based Similarity Metric
genefilter: methods for filtering genes from high-throughput experiments
Computation of Gene Expression-Based Signatures in Breast Cancer
Design gene based on both mRNA secondary structure and codon usage bias using Genetic algorithm
Tools for Testing Gene-Gene Interaction at the Gene Level
MetaAnalysis for High Throughput Experiments
Build Regulatory Network from ChIP-chip/ChIP-seq and Expression Data
Test and visualize gene overlaps
Evolutionary and plasticity analysis based on orthologous groups distribution
A gene recommender algorithm to identify genes coexpressed with a query set of genes
gRx Differential Clustering
Gene selection based on the marginal distributions of gene profiles that characterized by a mixture of three-component multivariate distributions
Stability and Aggregation of ranked gene lists
GENetic EStimation and Inference in Structured samples (GENESIS): Statistical methods for analyzing genetic data from samples with population structure and/or relatedness
Classify diseases and build associated gene networks using gene expression profiles
Functions for designing genetics studies
Optimal Gene Extensions From Histone Modification ChIP-seq Data
genotyping and copy number study tools
A GAM based framework for analysis of ChIP-Seq data
Summary, annotation and visualization of genomic data
Plotting genomic information from Ensembl
Utilities for manipulating chromosome and other 'seqname' identifiers
Operations on genomic intervals
Genome sequencing project metadata
Representation and manipulation of short genomic alignments
NIH / NCI Genomic Data Commons Access
Tools for making and manipulating transcript centric annotations
R package for handling genomic interaction data
Representation and Manipulation of Genomic Tuples
Analyze, manage and store genomic data
A RangedSummarizedExperiment with methods for copy number analysis
QA/QC of a gVCF or VCF file
Condensed, overlapped plotting of genomic data tracks
A tool for quantification of associations between genotypes and phenotypes with statistical learning techniques such as random forests and support vector machines as well as with Bayesian inference using hierarchical models
Candidate gene prioritization based on convergent evidence
Genomic Visualizations in R
A compilation of metadata from NCBI GEO
Get data from NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
Prepares microarray data for submission to GEO
Gene-Specific Phenotype EstimatoR
Gene Environment Wide Interaction Search Threshold
GGBase infrastructure for genetics of gene expression package GGtools
Visualization tools for genomic data
Visualize Cytometry data with ggplot
software and data for analyses in genetics of gene expression
an R package for visualization and annotation of phylogenetic trees with their covariates and other associated data

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