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Meta-analysis of RNA-Seq count data in multiple studies
An R package for the analysis and result reporting of RNA-Seq data by combining multiple statistical algorithms.
An R package for metabolomic data analysis
Navigating mass spectral similarity in high-resolution MS/MS metabolomics data
A DNA methylation classifier tool for the identification of pediatric brain tumor subtypes
Perform Methylation Analysis on Next Generation Sequencing Data
Methods for visualization and statistics on DNA methylation data
DNA methylation data analysis and visualization
Visual and interactive quality control of large Illumina DNA Methylation array data sets
DNA methylation analysis from high-throughput bisulfite sequencing results
MethylMix: Identifying methylation driven cancer genes
detect different methylation level (DMR)
Base resolution DNA methylation data analysis
Segmentation of Bis-seq data
Handle Illumina methylation data
Soft clustering of time series gene expression data
Marker Gene Finder in Microarray gene expression data
Marker Gene Finder in RNA-seq data
Model-based gene set analysis
MiChip Parsing and Summarizing Functions
Data and functions for dealing with microRNAs
Massive and Integrative Gene Set Analysis
mimager: The Microarray Imager
Mixture Models for Single-Cell Assays
Analysis of an ICA decomposition obtained on genomics data
Mutual Information NETworks
Analyze Illumina Infinium DNA methylation arrays
A Package for De Novo CNV Detection in Case-Parent Trios
Misclassification Penalized Posterior Classification
MiRNA Ranking by Gene Expression
Tools to assess and compare miRNA expression estimatation methods
Integrating microRNA expression into signaling pathways for pathway analysis
Dry lab for exploring miRNA-mRNA relationships
Convert miRNA Names to Different miRBase Versions
miRNAtap: microRNA Targets - Aggregated Predictions
Analysing Illumina HumanMethylation BeadChip Data
Implementation of the differential equation model described in "Dynamical modelling of phenotypes in a genome-wide RNAi live-cell imaging assay"
Machine learning interface for RNA-Seq data
Statistical Testing for ChIP-Seq data sets
Statistical Testing for ChIP-Seq data sets
A metagenomic pipeline for systems biology
Murine Palate miRNA Expression Analysis
MODA: MOdule Differential Analysis for weighted gene co-expression network
Multiple omics data integrative clustering and gene set analysis
Identify oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes from omics data
MoPS - Model-based Periodicity Screening
MOSAiCS (MOdel-based one and two Sample Analysis and Inference for ChIP-Seq)
A Package For Predicting The Disruptiveness Of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms On Transcription Factor Binding Sites

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