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Sparklyr extension for Kudu support
Black Box Optimization and Exploration of Parameter Space
Work with posterior samples
Obtain IBM Watson Personality Insights results by using R
Individual-Based Model (IBM) Simulation
Blaker's Binomial Confidence Limits
Plots (Slightly Extended) Bland-Altman Plots
Tricky R functions
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Calculate Wind Fetch in R
Calculate Pairwise Distances
Generalized Multistate Simulation Model
Calculate Pairwise Distances
Calculates and Analyzes the Proliferative Index
Send Emails Using 'Blat' for Windows
Calculate and Analyze Blau Status for Measuring Social Distance
Bayesian Latent Variable Analysis
Black-Litterman and copula-opinion pooling frameworks
Black-Litterman and Copula Opinion Pooling Frameworks
A New Link Function that Blends Two Specified Link Functions
Analyze biotic homogenization of landscapes
Data Provenance Collector
Tools for Remote Sensing Data Analysis
United Kingdom coastlines
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Tools for the preprocessing and analysis of the Illumina microarrays on the detector (bead) level
Useful tools for my maps
Personal tools that I'll need everywhere
Useful tools for my text mining analysis
Useful tools for my text mining analysis
Data Exploration with Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms
Fitting block ERGM given the block structure on social networks
Binomial linear and linear-expit regression
BLMA: A package for bi-level meta-analysis
Bayesian Linear Mixed-Effects Models
Data Files and Functions Accompanying the Book "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan"
Black-Litterman Posterior Distribution
Broken Line Model Regression
A Simple S3 Class for Representing Vectors of Binary Data ('BLOBS')
Coclustering Package for Binary, Categorical, Contingency and Continuous Data-Sets
parallel DEMC with several parameter blocks
blockmatrix: Tools to solve algebraic systems with partitioned matrices
Creates strings that show a text message in 8 by 8 block letters
An R package for generalized and classical blockmodeling of valued networks
An R package for Generalized and classical blockmodeling of valued networks
Latent and Stochastic Block Model Estimation by a 'V-EM' Algorithm
Block Rearrangement Algorithm
Randomization for block random clinical trials

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