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A toolset to analyze in vivo microscopy imaging data focused on tracking flowing blood cells.


flowcatchR is a set of tools to analyze in vivo microscopy imaging data, focused on tracking flowing blood cells. It guides the steps from segmentation to calculation of features, filtering out particles not of interest, providing also a set of utilities to help checking the quality of the performed operations (e.g. how good the segmentation was). The main novel contribution investigates the issue of tracking flowing cells such as in blood vessels, to categorize the particles in flowing, rolling and adherent. This classification is applied in the study of phenomena such as hemostasis and study of thrombosis development.


Federico Marini marinif@uni-mainz.de, Johanna Mazur mazur@uni-mainz.de, Harald Binder binderh@uni-mainz.de, 2015

Maintainer: Federico Marini marinif@uni-mainz.de

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