First post!
July 20, 14

My name is Ian, and I'm the developer behind rpackages.

I started this site because I had two major frustrations:

I started pulling out the documentation and compiling it on my laptop so that it could be indexed locally, and realised that other people might be interested in the same thing. I also started some VMs to build the packages so that if nothing else, I had advance warning of problems before I invested a lot of time into a package.

The dream

I want R to be treated as seriously as any other commercial statistics package.

I've argued with companies many times who won't take R seriously because it "isn't validated" or "isn't tested". And that's a valid complaint! But if you use SPSS or SAS for only a few minutes, you'll realise that they are also as buggy as sin -- they just have the 'validation' tick.

This site is my contribution to getting R taken seriously. We test the packages before use. All of them. We write acceptance tests. And if necessary, we certify combinations of core R and the packages as 'validated' and use them for our work.

The future

I have a long, long list of features for this website. I want you tell me your ideas, too! Send me an email, a tweet, or just leave a Disqus comment at the bottom of any page. I promise, I read every single one of them.

In the near term, I want to: