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An S3 class with a method for calculates the bidimensional regression between two 2D configurations

following the approach by Tobler (1965).


Package: BiDimRegression
Type: Package
Version: 1.0-6
Date: 2014-03-22
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~~ Overview of the most important functions ~~ BiDimRegression <- function (coord) \ summary.BiDimRegression <- function(object, ...) \ print.summary.BiDimRegression <- function(x, ...) \ print.BiDimRegression <- function(x, ...)\


Who wrote it: Claus-Christian Carbon\ Maintainer: Claus-Christian Carbon <>


*** The routine is described in detail in:\ Carbon, C. C. (2013). BiDimRegression: Bidimensional Regression Modeling Using R. Journal of Statistical Software,\ Code Snippets, 52(1), 1-11 (URL\ \ *** The routine is based on the following literature:\ 1) Tobler, W. [R.](1965). Computation of the corresponding of geographical patterns. Papers of the Regional Science Association, 15, 131-139.\ 2) Tobler, W. R. (1966). Medieval distortions: Projections of ancient maps. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 56(2), 351-360.\ 3) Tobler, W. R. (1994). Bidimensional regression. Geographical Analysis, 26(3), 187-212.\ 4) Friedman, A., & Kohler, B. (2003). Bidimensional regression: Assessing the configural similarity and accuracy of cognitive maps and other two-dimensional data sets. Psychological Methods, 8(4), 468-491.\ 5) Nakaya, T. (1997). Statistical inferences in bidimensional regression models. Geographical Analysis, 29(2), 169-186.\ 6) Waterman, S., & Gordon, D. (1984). A quantitative-comparative approach to analysis of distortion in mental maps. Professional Geographer, 36(3),\ 326-337.


resultsBiDimRegr <- BiDimRegression(NakayaData)

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