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This function is called internally from the graphical functions caellipse and nscaellipse. It constructs the algebraic ellipses of confidence.



The length of the horizontal ellipse semi-axis.


The length of the vertical ellipse semi-axis.


The coordinate of the generic point on the horizontal axis.


The coordinate of the generic point on the vertical axis.


The color of ellipses.


This function is called from the secondary graphical function caellipse or nscaellipse, which is called from the main plot function plot.CAvariants and it can be executed for all variants of correspondence analysis.


Rosaria Lombardo and Eric J Beh


Beh EJ and Lombardo R 2014 Correspondence Analysis: Theory, Practice and New Strategies. John Wiley & Sons.
Macdonald PDM 2002 Drawing an ellipse in Splus or R.
Available at www.math.mcmaster.ca/peter/s4m03/s4m03_0102/ellipse.html (accessed August 18, 2016).

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