DiffNet_MU_Fast: Fast Implementation of First Order Moment of Generalized...

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Provides a very fast implementation for obtaining the asymptotic mean for GHD statistic


The format is: List of 4 $ name : chr "DiffNet_MU_Fast" $ address :Class 'RegisteredNativeSymbol' <externalptr> $ dll :List of 5 ..$ name : chr "DiffNet" ..$ path : chr "/home/rmall/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/3.3/DiffNet/libs/DiffNet.so" ..$ dynamicLookup: logi FALSE ..$ handle :Class 'DLLHandle' <externalptr> ..$ info :Class 'DLLInfoReference' <externalptr> ..- attr(*, "class")= chr "DLLInfo" $ numParameters: int 2 - attr(*, "class")= chr [1:2] "CallRoutine" "NativeSymbolInfo"


Raghvendra Mall <rmall@hbku.edu.qa>

See Also

GHD_Fast, STD_Fast

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