eval2: An object of class "ENMevaluation"

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An example results file based on a call of ENMevaluate for use in the ENMeval vignette.




An object of class 'ENMevaluation' with nine slots:

@ results : data.frame of evaluation metrics

@ predictions : RasterStack of model predictions

@ models: list of MaxEnt model objects (see MaxEnt documentation for details)

@ partition.method: character giving method of data partitioning

@ occ.pts : data.frame of latitude and longitude of occurrence localities

@ occ.grp : data.frame of bins for occurrence localities

@ bg.pts : data.frame of latitude and longitude of background localities

@ bg.grp : data.frame of bins for background localities

@ overlap : matrix of pairwise niche overlap


The dataset is used for the ENMeval vignette.

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