Earthquakes of Japan


A data frame with 9189 rows and 6 columns giving occurrence date, time (in decimal days after the first earquake), longitude, latitude, magnitude and depth of shallow earthquakes (depth < 100 km) occurred since 1966-01-01 till 2016-01-01 in Japan and its vicinity (128-145E and 27-45N). Only earthquakes with magnitude greater than or equal to 4.5 are included.




An object of class "data.frame" containing the following columns:

  • date Occurrence date in the format "yyyy/mm/dd"

  • time Occurrence time in decimal days after the first earquake

  • long Latitude of epicenter in decimal degrees

  • lat Latitude of epicenter in decimal degrees

  • mag Magnitude of each earthquake by JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency)

  • depth Depth of each earthquake


Data retrieved from the ISC Bulletin event catalogue


International Seismological Centre, On-line Bulletin,, Internatl. Seis. Cent., Thatcham, United Kingdom, 2013.

Di Giacomo, D., Harris, J., Villasenor, A., Storchak, D. A., Engdahl, E. R., Lee, W. H., & Team, D. E. (2015). ISC-GEM: Global Instrumental Earthquake Catalogue (1900-2009), I. Data collection from early instrumental seismological bulletins. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 239, 14-24.