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A stochastic individual-based model to demonstrate how the EasyABC functions can be used


This model is drawn from Jabot (2010) A stochastic dispersal-limited trait-based model of community dynamics. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 262, 650-661. It represents the stochastic dynamics of an ecological community where each species is represented by a set of traits (i.e. characteristics) which determine its competitive ability. The model requires four parameters: an immigration rate I, and three additional parameters (h, A and sigma) describing the way traits determine species competitive ability. The model additionnally requires two fixed variables: the total number of individuals in the local community J and the number of traits used n_t. The model outputs four summary statistics: the species richness of the community S, its Shannon's index H, the mean of the trait value among individuals MTV and the skewness of the trait value distribution STV. The simulation code trait_model reads sequentially J, I, A, n_t, h and sigma.



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