download_daymet_tile: Download a netcdf tile from the 1-km DAYMET daily weather...

Description Usage Arguments Value



Tiles are specified by a tile ID, year, and element; Tiles are downloaded in the NetCDF format. download_daymet_tile returns the path to the downloaded NetCDF tile files.


download_daymet_tile(tileID, elements, years, raw.dir)



A numeric indicating the DAYMET tile ID number.


A character vector of elements to extract.
The available elements are:
dayl = Duration of the daylight period in seconds per day. This calculation is based on the period of the day during which the sun is above a hypothetical flat horizon.
prcp = Daily total precipitation in millimeters per day, sum of all forms converted to water-equivalent. Precipitation occurrence on any given day may be ascertained.
srad = Incident shortwave radiation flux density in watts per square meter, taken as an average over the daylight period of the day. NOTE: Daily total radiation (MJ/m2/day) can be calculated as follows: ((srad (W/m2) * dayl (s/day)) / l,000,000)
swe = Snow water equivalent in kilograms per square meter. The amount of water contained within the snowpack.
tmax = Daily maximum 2-meter air temperature in degrees Celsius.
tmin = Daily minimum 2-meter air temperature in degrees Celsius.
vp = Water vapor pressure in pascals. Daily average partial pressure of water vapor.


A numeric vector of years to extract.


A character string indicating where raw downloaded files should be put. The directory will be created if missing. Defaults to './RAW/DAYMET/'.


A named list of character vectors, each representing the full local paths of the tile downloads.

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