GDELTtools-package: Download, slice, and normalize GDELT data

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The GDELT data set is over 60 GB now and growing 100 MB a month. The number of source articles has increased over time and unevenly across countries. This package makes it easy to download a subset of that data, then normalize that data to facilitate valid timeseries analysis.


Package: GDELTtools
Type: Package
Version: 1.2
Date: 2014-02-17
License: MIT + file LICENSE

GetGDELT is used to download and subset data.

NormEventCounts takes the output from GetGDELT and normalizes the counts appropriately for conducting time series analysis.


Stephen R. Haptonstahl
Thomas Scherer
Oskar N.T. Thoms
Patrick Wheatley

Maintainer: Stephen R. Haptonstahl


GDELT: Global Data on Events, Location and Tone, 1979-2012. Presented at the 2013 meeting of the International Studies Association in San Francisco, CA.

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