landMat: Binary matrix indicating where there is land

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Binary matrix of dimension 304 x 448 with value for 1 for land grid boxes and 0 otherwise. Data are on a north Polar Stereographic grid with the land mask simplified to match model output from the CM2.5 Forecast-oriented Low-Ocean Resolution (FLOR) model produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration<e2><80><99>s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory converted to a Polar Stereographic grid (Vecchi et al. 2014; Msadek et al. 2014). Weights for converting to a polar stereograhic grid were obtained from the spherical coordinate remapping and interpolation package (SCRIP) (Jones 1997).




304 x 448 matix


CM2.5 Forecast-oriented Low-Ocean Resolution (FLOR) model:

Jones, P.W. "A user<e2><80><99>s guide for SCRIP: A spherical coordinate remapping and interpolation package." Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM (1997).

Msadek, R., et al. "Importance of initial conditions in seasonal predictions of Arctic sea ice extent." Geophysical Research Letters 41.14 (2014): 5208-5215.

National Center for Atmospheric Research, 2017: Earth system grid at NCAR.

Vecchi, Gabriel A., et al. "On the seasonal forecasting of regional tropical cyclone activity." Journal of Climate 27.21 (2014): 7994-8016.


image(landMat, xaxt = "n", yaxt = "n")

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