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The InferenceSMR package provides functions to make inference about the standardized mortality ratio (SMR) when evaltuating the effect of a screening program on survival. The package is based on methods described in Sasieni (2003) and Talbot et al. (2011).


Package: InferenceSMR
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-05-22
License: GPL (>=) 2


Denis Talbot, Thierry Duchesne, Jacques Brisson, Nathalie Vandal

Maintainer: Denis Talbot <[email protected]>


Sasieni P. (2003) On the expected number of cancer deaths during follow-up of an initially cancer-free cohort. Epidemiology, 14, 108-110.

Talbot, D., Duchesne, T., Brisson, J., Vandal, N. (2011) Variance estimation and confidence intervals for the standardized mortality ratio with application to the assessment of a cancer screening program, Statistics in Medicine, 30, 3024-3037.

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