ListedLoans: Listing of all loans on the primary market

Description Usage Arguments Value

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Uses Lending Club's API to return all current listed loans


ListedLoans(showAll = TRUE, LC_CRED = NULL)



logical, indicate whether all loans should be retured. Use false to limit the results to those loans listed in the most recent listing period.


Credential object having class LendingClub_credential. This object can be created using the MakeCredential() function. You can pass the object directly as an argument to the function or alternatively, it can be read from the global environment if it was stored as "LC_CRED".


LendingClub_api object. There are two components, the first is the content of the request, the second is the response from the API. The content can be further subdivided into a 2 element list. The first element is the date of the request and second is a dataframe of the listed loans.

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