initialize-RowLinkedMatrix-method: Creates a new 'RowLinkedMatrix' instance.

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This method is run when a RowLinkedMatrix object is created using RowLinkedMatrix(...) or new("RowLinkedMatrix",...) and accepts a list of matrix-like objects as .... A matrix-like object is one that has two dimensions and implements at least dim and [. Each object needs to have the same number of columns to be linked together. LinkedMatrix can be nested as long as they are conformable. If no matrix-like objects are given, a single 1x1 node of type matrix filled with NA is returned.


## S4 method for signature 'RowLinkedMatrix'
initialize(.Object, ...)



The RowLinkedMatrix instance to be initialized. This argument is passed in by R and can be ignored, but still needs to be documented.


A sequence of matrix-like objects of the same column-dimension.

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