GoutSUA_2wkCFB: Studies of treatments for Serum Uric Acid reduction in...

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A dataset from a systematic review of interventions for lowering Serum Uric Acid (SUA) concentration in patients with gout (not published previously). The outcome is continuous, and aggregate data responses correspond to the mean change from baseline in SUA in mg/dL at 2 weeks follow-up. The dataset includes 10 Randomised-Controlled Trials (RCTs), comparing 5 different agents, and placebo. Data for one agent (RDEA) arises from an RCT that is not placebo-controlled, and so is not connected to the network directly. In total there were 19 different treatments (combination of dose and agent).




A data frame in long format (one row per arm and study), with 27 rows and 5 variables:


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