HF2PPITT: Studies of triptans for headache pain relief

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A dataset from a systematic review of interventions for pain relief in migraine \insertCitethorlund2014MBNMAdose. The outcome is binary, and represents (as aggregate data) the proportion of participants who were headache-free at 2 hours. Data are from patients who had had at least one migraine attack, who were not lost to follow-up, and who did not violate the trial protocol. The dataset includes 70 Randomised-Controlled Trials (RCTs), comparing 7 triptans with placebo. Doses are standardised as relative to a "common" dose, and in total there are 23 different treatments (combination of dose and agent).




A data frame in long format (one row per arm and study), with with 181 rows and 6 variables:


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