yeast: Yeast Cell Cycle Data Set

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This is the Yeast Cell Cycle dataset that was originally analyzed in Chun and Keles (2010). It is also available in the package, spls.




A list of two components.


ChIP-chip data. A matrix with 542 rows and 106 columns.


Cell cycle gene expression data. A matrix with 542 rows and 18 columns.


Matrix y is cell cycle gene expression data (Spellman et al., 1998) of 542 genes from an α factor based experiment. Each column corresponds to mRNA levels measured at every 7 minutes during 119 minutes (a total of 18 measurements). Matrix x is the chromatin immunoprecipitation on chip (ChIP-chip) data of Lee et al. (2002) and it contains the binding information for 106 transcription factors. See Chun and Keles (2010) for more details.


Lee, T.I., Rinaldi, N.J., Robert, F., Odom, D.T., Bar-Joseph, Z., Gerber, G.K., Hannett, N.M., Harbison, C.T., Thomson, C.M., Simon, I., Zeitlinger, J., Jennings, E.G., Murray, H.L., Gordon, D.B., Ren, B., Wyrick, J.J., Tagne, J.B., Volkert, T.L, Fraenkel, E, Gifford, D.K., and Young, R.A (2002). Transcriptional Regulatory Networks in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Science, 298: 799-804.

Spellman, P.T., Sherlock, G., Zhang, M.Q., Iyer, V.R., Anders, K., Eisen, M.B., Brown, P.O., Botstein, D., and Futcher, B. (1998). Comprehensive Identification of Cell Cycle-Regulated Genes of the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae by Microarray Hydrization. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 9: 3273-3279.


Chun, H. and Keles, S. (2010). Sparse Partial Least Squares for Simultaneous Dimension Reduction and Variable Selection. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series B, 72: 3-25.

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