Plots networks for multiple conditions

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Plots networks for multiple conditions


The function takes multiple network objects and plots them next to each other while keeping the element positions etc constant. Uses ggraph function

Usage, sig.level = 0.01, sig.nodes.only = FALSE)



List of network objects resulting from function or function


Numeric between 0 and 1. P value used to determine whether nodes are significant. Default = 0.01.


Logical. Should only nodes that were significant in _at least_ one of the networks be included in the plots? Default = FALSE.


Function returns a ggraph plot showing connections between nodes in the different networks. Elements that are significantly more likely to occur than expected are large, non-significant elements are small, and absent elements are absent.


emo.faces <- multiple.netfacs(
  data = emotions_set[[1]],
  condition = emotions_set[[2]]$emotion,
  duration = NULL,
  ran.trials = 10, # only for example
  control = NULL,
  random.level = NULL,
  combination.size = 2

emo.nets <-, min.count = 5)

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