A function to create cross-validation data.


A function to create cross-validation data.


CreateDataCV(data, p = 0.75, G = 50, 
                        net_type = "directed",deg_thresh = 0, exclude_end = FALSE)



Matrix. A 3-column matrix whose each row contains information of one edge in the form (from_node id, to_node id, time_stamp). from_node id is the id of the source node. to_node id is the id of the destination node. time_stamp is the arrival time of the edge. from_node id and to_node id are assumed to be integers starting from 0. time_stamp can be either numeric or string. We assume that a smaller time_stamp represents an earlier arrival time.


Numeric. Indicates the ratio of number of new edges in the learning data to that of the full data. Default is p = 0.75.


Integer. Number of bins. Default value is 50.


String. The type of the network: "directed" or "undirected". Default is "directed".


Integer. We only consider nodes with degree at least this threshold. Default value is 0.


Logical. If TRUE, then for the testing data, at each time-step we only consider the new edges that connect to nodes with the current degrees less than deg\_max, which is the maximum degree in the learning data. The motivation for this option is that in the learning phase, we can only learn the PA function up to deg_max, so it makes sense to limit the degree in the testing phase to deg\_max. From our experiences, this option does not matter. Default value is FALSE



An object of class "CV_Data" containing the data needed for cross validation.


Thong Pham thongpham@thongpham.net


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data     <- GenerateNet(N = 100,m = 1,mode = 1, alpha = 1, shape = 5, rate = 5)
data_cv  <- CreateDataCV(data$graph)

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