isValidMzQC: Checks validity (= completeness) of mzQC objects - or lists...

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isValidMzQCR Documentation

Checks validity (= completeness) of mzQC objects - or lists (JSON arrays) thereof


Note: Returns TRUE for empty lists!


isValidMzQC(x, ...)



An mzQC refclass (or list of them), each will be subjected to 'isValidMzQC()'


Ellipsis, for recursive argument splitting


You can pass multiple arguments, which are all checked individually. All of them need to be valid, for TRUE to be returned. The reason for combining list support for arguments and ellipsis (...) into this function is that JSON arrays are represented as lists and you can simply pass them as a single argument (without the need for and get the indices of invalid objects (if any). The ellipsis is useful to avoid clutter, i.e. if (!isValidMzQC(a) || !isValidMzQC(b)) doStuff() is harder to read than if (!isValidMzQC(a,b)) doStuff()


  isValidMzQC(MzQCcvParameter$new("QC:4000059"))       # FALSE
  isValidMzQC(MzQCcvParameter$new("QC:4000059", "Number of MS1 spectra")) # TRUE
  isValidMzQC(list(MzQCcvParameter$new("QC:4000059"))) # FALSE
  isValidMzQC(list(MzQCcvParameter$new("QC:4000059", "Number of MS1 spectra"))) # TRUE
  isValidMzQC(list(MzQCcvParameter$new("QC:4000059", "Number of MS1 spectra")), 
              MzQCcvParameter$new()) # FALSE

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