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Translations from R to the yacas computer algebra system.


The translation process occurs in several steps. If the input to the yacas function is an expression then it is translated to a valid yacas character string (otherwise, it is sent to yacas unprocessed). Yacas then processes the string and if retclass="expression" it is translated back to an R expression (otherwise it is sent back unprocessed). Currently supported translations are:

R yacas
= =====
pi Pi


R yacas
= =====
7 %% 3 Mod(7, 3)
7 %\/% 3 Div(7, 3)


R yacas
= =====
sin(x) Sin(x)
cos(x) Cos(x)
tan(x) Tan(x)
asin(x) ArcSin(x)
acos(x) ArcCos(x)
atan(x) ArcTan(x)
exp(x) Exp(x)
sqrt(x) Sqrt(x)
log(x) Ln(x)
choose(n, k) Bin(n, k)
gamma(x) Gamma(x)
deriv(sin, x) Deriv(x)Sin(x)
integrate(f, a, b) Integrate(x, a, b)f(x)
list() List()
factorial(n) n!

Note the Limit example in demo(Ryacas) for adding translations on the fly.

The complete table under development.


Rob J Goedman



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