Interface for RGP to be tuned by SPOT


SPOT uses this function for some demos to call the symbolicRegression function from the rgp package. This function is needed as an interface, to ensure the right information are passed from SPOT to the target algorithm (i.e. RGP) and vice versa.





Contains the list of spot configurations, results of the algorithm can be passed to this list instead of the .res file. spotConfig defaults to "NA", and will only be passed to the Algorithm if spotConfig$spot.fileMode=FALSE. See also: spotGetOptions Items used are:

alg.currentDesign: data frame holding the design points that will be evaluated
io.apdFileName: name of the apd file
io.desFileName: name of the des file
io.resFileName: name of the res file, for logging results (if spotConfig$spot.fileMode==TRUE)
spot.fileMode: boolean, if selected with true the results will also be written to the res file, otherwise it will only be saved in the spotConfig returned by this function


this function returns the spotConfig list with the results in spotConfig$alg.currentResult

See Also

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