spotMcoSelectionHypervol: Sorting by NDS-rank and Hypervolume Contribution, with known...

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Sorts the large design for the purpose of multi objective optimization with SPOT. First non dominated sorting (NDS) rank is used. If the choice of points for the next sequential step is not clear by NDS rank, the hypervolume contribution of the competing points is recalculated sequentially to remove those with the smallest contribution.


spotMcoSelectionHypervol(largeDesign, designY, newsize, mergedX, mergedY,
  ref = NULL)



the design matrix in the parameter space, to be sorted by the associated y-values for each objective


objective value matrix. Contains objective values associated to largeDesign


this is the number of points that need to be selected, i.e. the


position of the already known points in parameter space (vector of parameter values)


y-values of the already known points (vector of objective values)


In contrast to spotMcoSort, this function considers the known points in mergedX and mergedY so that new points will rather be chosen in between known points, thus producing a better Pareto front. To do so, the known points are added to the set of solutions. To ensure that they are not removed, they receive infinite hypervolume contribution, and are not counted when determining the number of NDS ranks to be considered.


- The sorted large design

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