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This function is an interface to Latin Hypercube Sampling (LHS) fashioned like the optim function. That means, LHS is performed to optimize a target function, i.e. returning the sample with the lowest function value.


spotOptimLHS(par, fn, gr = NULL, lower, upper, control, ...)



is a point (vector) in the decision space of fn. Points in par will be added to the design created by LHS.


is the target function of type y = f(x, ...)


gradient function, gr is not used (yet)


is a vector that defines the lower boundary of search space


is a vector that defines the upper boundary of search space


is a list of additional settings. See details.


additional parameters to be passed on to fn


The control list contains:
fevals number of design points created
retries number of designs created during creation of a well spread design
vectorized whether or not fn can evaluate multiple points at once , defaults to FALSE


This function returns a list with:
par parameters of the found solutions, e.g. the Pareto set
value target function values of the found solutions, e.g. the Pareto front
counts number of evaluations of fn

See Also

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