SixSigma: Six Sigma Tools for Quality and Process Improvement

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Six Sigma Tools for Quality and Process Improvement


This package contains functions and utilities to perform Statistical Analyses in the Six Sigma way. Through the DMAIC cycle (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), you can manage several Quality Management studies: Gage R&R, Capability Analysis, Control Charts, Loss Function Analysis, etc. Data frames used in "Six Sigma with R" (Springer, 2012) are also included in the package. Use the package to perform Six Sigma Methodology tasks, throughout its breakthrough strategy: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC)
Define: Process Map (ss.pMap), Cause and effect Diagram (ss.ceDiag);
Measure: Gage R&R study (ss.rr); Capability Analysis (; Loss Function Analysis (ss.lfa)
Analyze: Confidence Intervals (
Control: Moving Average Control Chart
Soon: further functions


The current version includes Loss Function Analysis, Gage R&R Study, confidence intervals, Process Map and Cause-and-Effect diagram. We plan to regularly upload updated versions, with new functions and improving those previously deployed. The subsequent versions will cover tools for the whole cycle:


Emilio L. Cano, Javier M. Moguerza, Mariano Prieto Corcoba and Andrés Redchuk;

Maintainer: Emilio L. Cano [email protected]


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ss.pMap, ss.rr, ss.ceDiag,, ss.heli, ss.lfa

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