12: constructor

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the method constructs an object from a dataframe a timelag format using the given interpolating function



A data frame containing exactly two columns: the first one is interpreted as time the second one is interpreted as atmospheric C14 fraction in the format mentioned


a scalar describing the time lag. Positive Values shift the argument of the interpolation function forward in time. (retard its effect)


a string that specifies the format used to represent the atmospheric fraction. Possible values are "Delta14C" which is the default or "afn" the Absolute Fraction Normal representation


A function that returns a function the default is splinefun. Other possible values are the linear interpolation approxfun or any self made function with the same interface.


An object that contains the interpolation function and the limits of the time range where the function is valid. Note that the limits change according to the time lag


Carlos A. Sierra <csierra@bgc-jena.mpg.de>, Markus Mueller <mamueller@bgc-jena.mpg.de>

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