spadesGrob-class: The '.spadesGrob' class

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This class contains the plotting .spadesGrob information.


These gp* parameters will specify plot parameters that are available with gpar(). gp will adjust plot parameters, gpText will adjust title and legend text, gpAxis will adjust the axes. size adjusts point size in a SpatialPoints object. These will persist with the original Plot call for each individual object. Multiple entries can be used, but they must be named list elements and they must match the ... items to plot. This is true for a RasterStack also, i.e., the list of named elements must be the same length as the number of layers being plotted. The naming convention used is: RasterStackName$layerName, i.e, landscape$DEM.



character. Name of the plot frame, which is by default a concatenation of the objName and layerName


character. Name of object represented by this .spadesGrob


environment. The environment in which to find the objName


character. Name of the layer represented by this .spadesGrob. Primarily used for RasterStacks


character. Class of the object represented by this .spadesGrob


logical. TRUE if the object is one of the SpaDES recognized spatialObject classes


list. Any parameters needed for plotting, set by Plot call.


Eliot McIntire

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