#' @name weather_GNS
#' @title Weather series for Gainesville (FL, USA) years 1982 and 1983
#' @description This  daily climate dataset for Gainesville (FL, USA) years 1982 and 1983
#' covers the period 1st January 1982 to 31 December 1983
#' with 2 complete years of data with precipitation.
#' The dataset was provide by JJW Jones and the university of Florida to run simulation of the
#' publication of Muchow et al. (1990). 
#' This climate dataset contains daily estimates of precipitation (RAIN), minimum (Tmin) and
#' maximum temperature (Tmax), solar radiation (I), 
#' photosynthically active radiation (PAR)
#' @docType data
#' @usage weather_GNS
#' @format a \code{RangedData} instance, 1 row per day.
#' @source University of Florida

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