#' Identify git provenance of file within a project
#' @param project.id Project id to search for history within
#' @param filepath File that will be hashed and search within Git history, File choose dialogue if not specified
#' @return list of 1) filename, 2) Git commit including commit message, date, author and 2) file info
#' @details Requires a Git commit snapshot within the project
#' @export
#'  projpath <- file.path(getProjectPath("adaprHome"),"Programs")
#'  gitProvenance("adaprHome",file.path(projpath,"read_data.R"))
gitProvenance <- function(project.id,filepath=0){
  if(filepath==0){filepath <- file.choose()}
  filehash <- Digest(file=filepath)
  gitpath <- getProjectPath(project.id)
  provenance <- gitHistorySearch(gitpath,filehash)  
  si <- pullSourceInfo(project.id)
  files <- condenseFileInfo(readDependency(si$dependency.dir))
  file.data <- subset(files,files$file.hash==filehash)   
  if(length(provenance)==0){provenance <- "Git history not found"}
  if(nrow(file.data)==0){file.data <- "Current file not found"}

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