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The “LogitALM” class contains all the information needed to calibrate a Logit demand system and perform a merger analysis under the assumption that firms are playing a differentiated products Bertrand pricing game with capacity constraints.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by using the constructor function logit.cap.



A length 2 vector whose first element equals an initial guess of the price coefficient and whose second element equals an initial guess of the outside share. The price coefficient's initial value must be negative and the outside share's initial value must be between 0 and 1 .


Class Logit, directly. Class Bertrand, by class Logit, distance 2. Class Antitrust, by class Bertrand, distance 3.


For all of methods containing the ‘preMerger’ argument, ‘preMerger’ takes on a value of TRUE or FALSE, where TRUE invokes the method using the pre-merger ownership structure, while FALSE invokes the method using the post-merger ownership structure.



Uncover Logit ALM demand parameters. Assumes that firms are currently at equilibrium in a differentiated product Bertrand Nash pricing game with capacity constraints.


Charles Taragin charles.taragin@usdoj.gov


showClass("LogitALM")           # get a detailed description of the class
showMethods(classes="LogitALM") # show all methods defined for the class

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