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A package for efficient computations of standard clustering comparison measures. Available measures are described in the paper of Vinh et al, JMLR, 2009 (see reference below).


Traditional implementations (e.g., function adjustedRandIndex of package mclust) are in Omega(n + u v) where n is the size of the vectors the classifications of which are to be compared, u and v are the respective number of classes in each vectors. Here, the implementation is in Theta(n), plus the gain of speed due to the C code.

Functions in aricode

The functions included in aricode are:


Julien Chiquet [email protected]

Guillem Rigaill [email protected]


Nguyen Xuan Vinh, Julien Epps, and James Bailey. "Information theoretic measures for clusterings comparison: Variants, properties, normalization and correction for chance." Journal of Machine Learning Research 11.Oct (2010): 2837-2854. as described in Vinh et al (2009)

See Also

ARI, RI, NID, NVI, NMI, entropy, clustComp

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