plot_brainGraph_list: Write PNG files for a list of graphs

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This function takes a list of igraph graph objects and plots them over an axial slice of the brain. A png file is written for each element of the list, which can be joined as a gif or converted to video using a tool outside of R.


plot_brainGraph_list(g.list, fname.base, diffs = FALSE, ...)



A list of igraph graph objects


A character string specifying the base of the filename for png output


A logical, indicating whether or not to highlight edge differences (default: FALSE)


Other parameters (passed to plot_brainGraph)


You can choose to highlight edge differences between subsequent list elements; in this case, new/different edges are colored pink.

This function may be particularly useful if the graph list contains graphs of a single subject group at incremental densities, or if the graph list contains graphs of each subject in a group.


Christopher G. Watson, [email protected]

See Also

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