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Description Toolbox Mathematical operators Hourly statistics Daily statistics Monthly statistics Seasonal statistics Annual statistics Zonal statistics Meridional statistics Running statistics Grid boxes statistics Temporal operators Time range statistics Spatial operators Correlation and covariance Selection and removal functions Data manipulation Other functions Author(s) References


The 'cmsafops' functions are manipulating NetCDF input files and write the result in a separate output file. The functions were designed and tested for CM SAF NetCDF data, but most of the functions can be applied to other NetCDF data, which use the CF convention and time, latitude, longitude dimensions. As interface to NetCDF data the ncdf4 package is used.


The CM SAF R Toolbox is a user-friendly shiny app in the cmsaf package, which helps to apply 'cmsafops' operators.

Mathematical operators

cmsaf.abs, cmsaf.add, cmsaf.addc, cmsaf.div, cmsaf.divc, cmsaf.mul, cmsaf.mulc, cmsaf.sub, cmsaf.subc, divdpm, muldpm

Hourly statistics

hourmean, hoursum

Daily statistics

dayavg, daymax, daymean, daymin, daypctl, dayrange, daysd, daysum, dayvar, ydaymax, ydaymean, ydaymin, ydayrange, ydaysd, ydaysum

Monthly statistics

mon.anomaly, monavg, mondaymean, monmax, monmean, monmin, monpctl, monsd, monsum, monvar, multimonmean, multimonsum, ymonmax, ymonmean, ymonmin, ymonsd, ymonsum, mon_num_above, mon_num_below, mon_num_equal

Seasonal statistics

seas.anomaly, seasmean, seassd, seassum, seasvar, yseasmax, yseasmean, yseasmin, yseassd

Annual statistics

year.anomaly, yearmax, yearmean, yearmin, yearrange, yearsd, yearsum, yearvar

Zonal statistics

zonmean, zonsum

Meridional statistics


Running statistics

runmax, runmean, runmin, runrange, runsd, runsum, ydrunmean, ydrunsd, ydrunsum

Grid boxes statistics

gridboxmax, gridboxmean, gridboxmin, gridboxrange, gridboxsd, gridboxsum, gridboxvar

Temporal operators

cmsaf.detrend,, cmsaf.regres, timmax, timmean, timavg, timmin, timpctl, timsd, timsum, trend_advanced, trend, num_above, num_below, num_equal

Time range statistics

timselmean, timselsum

Spatial operators

fldmax, fldmean, fldmin, fldrange, fldsd, fldsum, wfldmean

Correlation and covariance

fldcor, fldcovar, timcor, timcovar

Selection and removal functions

extract.level, extract.period, sellonlatbox, selmon, selperiod, selpoint.multi, selpoint, seltime, selyear

Data manipulation

box_mergetime, cmsaf.adjust.two.files, cmsaf.transform.coordinate.system, levbox_mergetime, add_grid_info, remap

Other functions, get_time, ncinfo, read_ncvar


Maintainer: Steffen Kothe

Contact: CM SAF Team


Kothe, S.; Hollmann, R.; Pfeifroth, U.; Träger-Chatterjee, C.; Trentmann, J. The CM SAF R Toolbox—A Tool for the Easy Usage of Satellite-Based Climate Data in NetCDF Format. ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2019, 8, 109. doi: 10.3390/ijgi8030109

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