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The covidcast package provides access to numerous COVID-19 data streams, updated daily, covering the United States of America. These include publicly reported cases and deaths data, along with data the Delphi research group collects or obtains from partners.

Finding data sources and documentation

The COVIDcast API includes:

and numerous other important signals, most available daily at the county level.

Each data stream is identified by its data source and signal names. These are documented on the COVIDcast API website:

Each data stream has a page giving detailed technical documentation on how the data is collected, how it is aggregated, and any limitations or known problems with the data.

Getting started

We recommend browsing the vignettes, which includes numerous examples: browseVignettes(package = "covidcast").

See also covidcast_signal() for details on how to obtain COVIDcast data as a data frame.

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