cropgrowdays: Agrometeorological calculations for crops

Description Agrometeorological calculation functions Day of year calculations Downloading SILO data


Weather related calculations for crops are provided for a specified period including growing degree days, cumulative weather variables, the number of stress days over a baseline temperature and mean daily weather. Additionally, a function is provided to download historical Australian weather data from the Queensland Government DES longpaddock website.

Agrometeorological calculation functions

This package provides the calculation functions cumulative, growing_degree_days, stress_days_over and daily_mean. These functions employ weather_extract which can be used to extract column(s) or variable(s) between two specified dates which can also be employed directly.

Day of year calculations

Day of year can be calculated from a date using day_of_year and the calculation reversed using date_from_day_year. Since a crop may be harvested in a different year than it is sown, then the harvest day of year in which it is sown may be more appropriate and can be obtained with day_of_harvest.

Downloading SILO data

The function get_silodata and is available to retrieve SILO weather data for one location from Queensland Government DES longpaddock website Use get_multi_silodata to retrieve multiple locations.

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